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Patented Production Technology

We have obtained patents for the vast majority of our production technology processes. It is a unique collection of ideas, concepts, technological solutions, improvements and process improvements. We have several patents, including inventions and manufacturing methods (including models, sinks made of granite composite or composite in combination with steel and glass) and several utility and industrial designs.
Kitchen sinks
Shower bases


We have many approvals confirming the highest quality of our products, including:

•  Health quality certificate for sinks
•  Shortened antibacterial test certificate
•  Hygienic certificate for the battery
•  National Declaration of Performance
•  Health quality certificate for the impregnant


In the production process, we attach due importance to fulfilling all obligations arising from the documents below. They certify the highest quality of our products that meet these strict standards:
-PN-EN 13310 - Kitchen sinks. Performance requirements and test methods
-PN-EN 695 - Kitchen sinks Connection dimensions
-PN-EN 251 - Shower showers Connection dimensions
-EN 14527: 2006 + A1: 2010-Shower trays for domestic purposes
-PN-EN 274-1: 2004 / Ap1-Waste sanitary sewage sets
-PN-EN 817: 2008- Sanitary fittings - mechanical batteries (PN 10) - General technical requirements -EN 14688: 2006-Sanitary appliances - Wash basins - Functional requirements and test methods

Designed according to the requirements of our clients:
• For the safety of products throughout the entire supply chain, so that they provide protection against damage. We are aware that our products must reach various distances to reach the customer, not only within our country, but more often and throughout the world. That is why we use the best solutions, thanks to which we minimize the risk of damage to our products.
• Innovatively. We always try to use the latest technical, material and construction solutions. • Taking care of the environment. We provide our clients with packaging made from raw materials from responsible sources - FSC certified.


Moulds are created using the technology of lamination of polymer gel coat and fibreglass.

The technology consists in the lamination of construction fibres layer by layer. Using the technology, we are able to manufacture a new model of kitchen sink in a fast and cost-effective way.


Models are created using a special 5-axis CNC milling machine. This machine makes it possible for us to design complex spatial projects with the accuracy even to 0.01 mm.