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About Us

The company Wagran Sp. z o.o. [Ltd] was established in 2007 in Łódź. The purpose of its establishing was to develop technology of kitchen sink production of granite composite. The research work was carried out until mid-2008 in the Experiment Plant and was completed with success. For the sake of the technology innovation, the company Wagran was awarded a EU subsidy under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

The dynamic growth of our company has been recognised with the prestigious award BUSINESS GAZELLES in 2015 and in the subsequent years. We owe this success primarily to our customers, who confined in us. It is them who we manufacture hundreds of thousands products annually for.

Production plant

In 2010 the new production plant was built, having an area of 5,000 m2, along with our own laboratory to control the production process and to launch new products.

The main area of the activity of our company is the production of composite kitchen sinks. Within further investment projects, however, we continually extend our product offer. Right now it is being enlarged with bathroom washbasins, shower bases, shower cabins, kitchen sink taps, as well as with variety of metal elements. Our Metal Department develops very dynamically, offering not only such metal elements for kitchen and sink systems as drying trays, baskets, sponge racks, hangers or mats. It offers today such technologically developed projects like rainshowers or trench drains for shower cabins without base. 

Due to the continuous development, in 2017 the plant was extended with additional storage and production room and with state-of-the-art laboratory, which will enable the company to enlarge its offer and to design top-shelf products.

After the extension, the whole area of the plant is nearly 13,000 m2. Nowadays, over 120 kitchen sink models are manufactured for domestic and foreign customers. The products of Wagran can be purchased under the Granmaster brand, guaranteeing the highest quality of products.

Design Department

The company Wagran has at its disposal qualified staff and state-of-the-art, technologically advanced machines, programmes and norms, thanks to which we are able to create innovative projects and products of highest quality.

Every customer is treated by us individually and with business flexibility. With the help of our specialists of the Design Department, we create our products A to Z independently: we design patterns and improve them, make models of our future products on our own and build moulds for their manufacturing. All the production processes are carried out in our factory.

The products are launched within 12 weeks at the maximum.

We use 5-axis CNC machine, 3D printer, SolidWorks, CAD, EdgeCAM – they make it possible for us to take up even very modern projects.


of the company
2007 – 2008
Research and
development work
Manufacturing of the
first granite kitchen sink
Getting subsidy from
the Operational Programme
Innovative Economy
Beginning of the investment – construction of the modern Production Plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Opening of the new
Production Plant
Manufacturing of the hundred-thousandth kitchen sink
Establishment of the Research and Development Department and opening of the modern laboratory
Deployment of the modern information system of the MRP class
Obtaining a permission for the Production Plant extending
Winning ‘The Business Gazelles 2015’ prize
Winning ‘The Business Gazelles 2016’ prize
Winning ‘The Fair Play
Enterprise’ prize
Extending of the Production Plant
Winning ‘The Business Gazelles 2019’ prize

EU innovations

Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020
Priority axis 3. Support for innovation in enterprises
Action 3.2. Support for the implementation of R&D results
Sub-measure3.2.2. Loan for technological innovations

Project title: "Development of Wagran's product range through the implementation of innovative technology"
Financing agreement no. POIR.03.02.02-00-0490 / 16

Project description: The main goal of the project is the implementation at Wagran of the wide-ranging results of the R&D work carried out by the Company, which resulted in the development of its own innovative production technology. As a result of its implementation, the production of a new family of bathroom and kitchen assortment, adapted to current trends and user requirements, will be started in relation to the ones currently produced on the territory of the Republic of Poland:
• hybrid kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and shower trays,
• kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks (washbasins) and shower trays that can be made fluorescent and / or hydrophobic,
• bathroom sinks (washbasins) made of composite stone imitating natural stone, including reinforced with gelcoat,
• decorative hybrid heaters.
As a result of the project, a new production hall will be built, in which all machines and devices purchased as part of the project will be placed, forming a technological line for the production of the new assortment group. The implementation of this undertaking will positively affect the condition of Wagran. It will allow: - the Company to offer products with unique design, original geometry and properties, as well as to increase the variety of the offered range (shower trays, radiators), - to increase the company's competitiveness, increase its level of innovation, strengthen its market position and create the potential to build lasting market advantage not only in the country but also internationally, - increasing the production efficiency of models (compared to the current one), reducing its costs and reducing production time, - satisfying the identified expectations of customers, - increasing the company's flexibility, including its ability to react quickly for current product demand coming from the market. Therefore, the project contributes to the implementation of the main objective of the SG OP, the objective of measure 3.2 and sub-measure 3.2.2.

Total value of the project: PLN 16,568,000
Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 5,642,100