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Our kitchen sinks are manufactured from refined granite aggregate, bound with dedicated resin. On such basis a highly durable material, very resistant to chemical substances and mechanical damage, is created, from which top-quality products can be then made. In the production process, we act with the utmost care, so that the quality is visible and noticeable to the same extent.


The manufacturing of the GranMaster washbasins is based on two material technologies. In addition to high quality, our granite and conglomerate products are distinguished by modern design. The minimalist and geometric form gives them not only a unique look, but above all functionality and convenience of use.


We offer a wide range of metal kitchen sink accessories: drying trays, baskets, sponge racks, hangers and mats. Using most modern machines, we can extend our offer with technologically more advanced metal products, such as rainshowers or trench drains for shower cabins without base.


Own Design Department

All the products of Wagran are the proprietary work of our Design Department. It embodies the ideas of new models, not only in the form of drawings and 3D visualisation, but also demonstration models and building moulds for their manufacturing. All the production processes are from start to finish carried out in our factory.

Short launching period

The whole production process is carried out in our factory, from the very beginning of the design work. As a result, we are able to shorten the launching period of new products as much as possible, so that it does not exceed 12 weeks.

Extensive experience in production and distribution

We are operating on the market for over 13 years, we have gained powerful knowledge and experience in the production and sale of sinks, washbasins and composite shower trays. During this time we have implemented a total of over 200 products. Over 50 clients from around the world have trusted us. Our sinks are sold on almost all continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

Own patented technology

Our products are made from material which is a mixture of coloured quartz grains and resin binding the grains. All the primary products which are ingredients of the final products are specially selected by appropriate properties.

Best laboratory equipment in Poland

We control the whole production process, from purchasing the primary products to testing the finished good. The quality of the primary products is the key aspect for us, therefore we carefully check each delivery of them using the best laboratory equipment.

Modern production plant

We are in possession of an automated production line. All our machines have been specially designed to meet our requirements and standards, thus we can manufacture with them products of highest quality.

Custom-made kitchen

The kitchen sinks from granite composite have really brought a revolution in the kitchen interior design and in our line of thought about what the decoration of utility spaces should and could look like.

Expectations and demand are changing continually with increasing opportunities. The trends in interior design are evolving incessantly, bringing more and more ideas and countless number of solutions.

Design in bathroom

The Granmaster shower bases are modern, low, slim-type shower bases, the design of which changes the bathroom decoration as little as possible. With their simple, delicate form and plan based on a rectangle they will integrate into every interior, regardless of type of its finish. Thanks to the large size of the shower base the shower cabin itself seems larger, and its low height makes the whole bathroom look more spacious and elegant and gain functional properties.

Metal precision

With our most modern machines we are able to process metals extremely precisely. This is why we labour intensively over extending our offer of metal pieces of kitchen and bathroom equipment. We specialise in the kitchen sink accessories: drying trays, baskets, sponge racks, hangers or pot mats. Moreover, we realise projects which are technologically more advanced, like rainshowers or trench drains for shower cabins without base.

Wagran in close-up

The company Wagran Sp. z o.o. [Ltd] was established in 2007 in Łódź. The purpose of its establishing was to develop technology of kitchen sink production of granite composite. The research work was carried out until mid-2008 in the Experiment Plant and was completed with success. For the sake of the technology innovation, the company Wagran was awarded a EU subsidy under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

The dynamic growth of our company has been recognised with the prestigious award BUSINESS GAZELLES in 2015 and in the subsequent years. We owe this success primarily to our customers, who confined in us. It is them who we manufacture hundreds of thousands products annually for.