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Our kitchen sinks are manufactured from refined granite aggregate, bound with dedicated resin. On such basis a highly durable material, very resistant to chemical substances and mechanical damage, is created, from which top-quality products can be then made. In the production process, we act with the utmost care, so that the quality is visible and noticeable to the same extent.


The manufacturing of the GranMaster washbasins is based on the granite composite technology. In addition to high quality, our granite products are distinguished by modern design. The minimalist and geometric form gives them not only a unique look, but above all functionality and convenience of use.


We offer a wide range of metal kitchen sink accessories: drying trays, baskets, sponge racks, hangers and mats. Using most modern machines, we can extend our offer with technologically more advanced metal products, such as rainshowers or trench drains for shower cabins without base.

What makes us special ?
what makes us special?

Own Design Department

All Wagran products are based on a unique design - they are the original work of our designers, constructors and the marketing and product department. It is a dynamic and full of initiative team, consisting of qualified crew with experience in the widely understood interior design industry, WHICH GUARANTEES A SPECIALIZED AND VERY INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EACH OF THE DESIGNED PRODUCTS.

In the first place, we focus on the practical dimension of our models. However, it must be properly emphasized through the highest-class aesthetic qualities. The perfect combination of modern design with functional aspects is achieved by creating solutions that anticipate the needs and market trends. Years of practice in the industry make our forecasts always accurate. We attach the greatest importance to the finishing of our products, which is why we precisely refine every detail and take care to create APPLIED ART FROM PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE.

Because nothing is as helpful in introducing new solutions as the daily personal practice of users. The most modern, technologically advanced machines and programs enable us to implement our numerous ideas and create innovative products of the highest quality. We use a 5-axis CNC machine, 3D printers, SolidWorks, CAD, EdgeCAM, which allow us to implement the most sophisticated projects.

Short launching period

The main production idea of our company and brands is to OFFER a WIDE RANGE OF KITCHEN AND BATHROOM PRODUCTS,  ALL OF WHICH ARE MADE FROM ENTIRELY IN OUR FACTORY. The entire production process: from the stage of the first conceptual and design works, through testing and research activities, to the production of molds and castings of ready models, takes place in Wagran.

Such a holistic and complex approach to the product development cycle, allows for FULL OPTIMIZATION OF INDIVIDUAL PROCESSES, and MAXIMUM REDUCTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION TIME OF NEW PRODUCTS TO AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. All this allowed us to work out ONE OF THE SHORTEST IMPLEMENTATION TIMES IN THE SECTOR - not exceeding 12 weeks.

The short course of implementation determines the IMMEDIATE REACTION TO CHANGING MARKET TRENDS AND CUSTOMER NEEDS, and often even the possibility of predicting and anticipating them.

Extensive experience in production and distribution

Operating on the market for over 15 years, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the production and sale of sinks, washbasins and composite shower trays. During this time, we refined our technology to perfection. What the regular customers of Wagran know very well, who after starting cooperation, stay with us for many years. They value the highest quality of our products and professional service.

During these several years, we have implemented a total of about 300 products and nearly 100 product series. We have been trusted by over 80 customers from all over the world. Our sinks reach the farthest corners of the world - they are sold almost on all continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

Own patented technology

We have a patented technology for producing sinks, washbasins and shower trays and the required PZH approvals for our products.

Our products are made of a material that is a mixture of 80% dyed quartz grains and 20% dedicated resin connecting the grains.

The raw materials included in the products are selected so as to have the appropriate properties. We control their quality at every stage of the production process, from the moment of purchase to the testing of the finished product.

Own Laboratory and Research & Development Center

In order to set new directions and control in the most key areas of activity, we have specially designated the Research and Development Department. It is there that we monitor the entire production process - from the moment of purchasing raw materials to testing the finished product.

An inseparable part of the Research and Development Center is our Laboratory, which has been equipped with technologically advanced equipment that allows to conduct full tests in accordance with the standards PN-EN 13310, EN 14527, PN-EN14688, PN-EN 1253, PN-EN 1112: 2008 (re. sinks, shower trays, washbasins, linear drains and sprinklers). Our own laboratory is not only a guarantee of the quality of our products, but also of compliance with standards and patent claims of our proprietary technologies. It conducts vigorous work on new implementations and cooperates with numerous Research Centers contributing to the development of many patents and inventions.

Modern production facility

A fully automated production line and experienced engineering crew, proficient in handling these advanced technologies, are the basis of our modern production plant. All the machines we use have been specially designed according to the strict requirements and standards, so as to enable the production of the highest quality products. This is ensured by the possibility of producing a full range of composite products: sinks, washbasins, shower trays, garden architecture or the implementation of special orders. Process automation allows for detailed and multi-level quality control carried out at every stage by our employees.

Kitchen to measure …
of our expectation

Kitchens in today's homes are radically different from the typically usable spaces they used to be for our parents or grandparents. Currently, kitchens are much larger, more spacious, and often combined with other rooms. They are the heart of the home and the meeting point of all household members. We spend much more time in them, which is why we also attach great importance to their decor, putting more and more emphasis on a specific design, not only on functional values.

GRANITE COMPOSITE SINKS contributed significantly to a real revolution in changing the character of kitchen interiors ...

Design in bathroom

The Granmaster shower bases are modern, low, slim-type shower bases, the design of which changes the bathroom decoration as little as possible. With their simple, delicate form and plan based on a rectangle they will integrate into every interior, regardless of type of its finish. Thanks to the large size of the shower base the shower cabin itself seems larger, and its low height makes the whole bathroom look more spacious and elegant and gain functional properties.

Metal precision

With our most modern machines we are able to process metals extremely precisely. This is why we labour intensively over extending our offer of metal pieces of kitchen and bathroom equipment. We specialise in the kitchen sink accessories: drying trays, baskets, sponge racks, hangers or pot mats. Moreover, we realise projects which are technologically more advanced, like rainshowers or trench drains for shower cabins without base.

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