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The main area of the activity of our company is the production of composite kitchen sinks. Within further investment projects, however, we continually extend our product offer. Right now it is being enlarged with bathroom washbasins, shower bases, shower cabins, kitchen sink taps, as well as with variety of metal elements. 

Our Metal Department develops very dynamically, offering more and more modern accessories for kitchen and sink systems. It offers today such technologically developed projects for bathrooms like rainshowers or trench drains for shower cabins without base. 
Therefore, as part of cooperation, in addition to the distribution of our products, we can also offer subcontracting in the precise processing of stainless, acid-resistant, aluminium and common structural steel.

Modern machinery park, professional software and qualified team guarantee services at the highest level.

We offer cooperation in the field of:


Mode of special production
of composite and metal products:


(making models and moulds)

According to ready-made individual project of the customer


Under the customer's private brand


(unusual quantities, colours or equipment that deviate from our offer standards)

For our unique project, created on the customer's order without strict guidelines on his or her part


For a unique project created by us, according to the customer's strict guidelines

Laser cutting of sheet metal with the Trumpf’s machine TruLaser 3030 fiber 4kW:

  • maximal dimension of the processed sheet: 1,500x3,000 mm
  • Cutting thickness:
    · common structural steel up to 25 mm,
    · stainless and acid-resistant steel up to 20 mm,
    · aluminium up to 20 mm,
    · copper up to 8 mm,
    · brass up to 8 mm,
  • 100% repeatability of shapes
  • high quality of the cut edge enables making elements that do not require further
    finishing treatment
  • laser cutting is contactless, which allows cutting elements from ground and polished sheet metal without damaging their surface

Sheet metal bending with the Trumpf’s press brake TruBend 5085:

  • guarantee of obtaining elements of highest quality using the CNC press brake
  • with a pressure of up to 85 tons
  • 100% repeatability of shapes
    maximal length of the bent element is 2,200 mm

Laser sheet metal welding using the Trumpf’s TruLaser Robot 5020 robotic station:

  • 6-axis robot
  • laser power: 4 kW
  • tilting and rotary table
  • thickness of welded material up to 4 mm
Advantages of laser welding:
  • ability to combine different materials
  • high speed of the process
  • welding with high precision
  • due to low deformation of joints no additional mechanical treatment
    is needed after welding
  • CCD camera and LCD monitor allow you to observe and control the welding process inside and outside the machine's working area


Fast shearing with the Euromac’s MTX FLEX 6 1250 / 30-2500 punch press:

  • shearing force up to 300 kN
  • machining range: 1,250x2,500 mm
  • thickness of processed sheet 0.5-6 mm

Ironing, bending, pressing, shearing with the Sangiacomo T-63R eccentric press:

  • machine pressure 630 kN
  • working table with dimensions of 800x500 mm

Designing and operating programmes:

  • 3D SolidWorks
  • 2D Cad
  • EdgeCAM
  • ZW3D
  • VCarvePro
  • Tru Tops Calkulate