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Farmhouse - a large sink bowl in an American or rustic style

Farmhouse sinks derive from a North American mix of countryside and colonial interior design styles. This practical style of furnishing, especially of the kitchen, has been dominating in the USA and Great Britain for decades, but now there, as well as in many European countries (including Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Alpine regions), a huge return to the strengths is visible rustic references in modern arrangements. This trend has continued for so many seasons that it is becoming one of the classics in contemporary interior design. Thus, the farmhouse sink, as its indispensable representative - becomes a real classic in the kitchen. In Poland, however, it is still quite poorly distributed due to its large size. It is only since almost 10 years in our country that we have started to arrange more spacious kitchens, appreciating their utility values. Earlier, we minimized them to the benefit of other rooms, so we also chose smaller sinks, adjusting to such buildings. Currently, along with the popularization of larger sinks and the attachment of more importance to the practical development of the area around them, a farmhouse sink has a great chance to win the crowd of fans.